Membership – Awaz Niz Goemkarancho


  • Drafting and sending mails for official work. 
  • Booking of maritime courses required for Seafarers,
  • Assistance with flight booking if required.
  • Passport renewal assistance.
  • Filling of forms for visa renewals and booking appointment if required.


  • Member had to return home due to demise of immediate family member, the association will provide him/her with monetary flight ticket assistance.
  • Educational assistance who could not afford to continue with the child’s education due to the death or disability of the earning member.


  • Association will introduce Scholarships for best three students in the field of education. 
  • Secondary Level.
  • Higher Secondary Level.
  • University Level.

Association Registration Criteria Eligibility

• Only Overseas employed Goans’ are eligible to register with the Association.
• Any Overseas employed Goan who has completed 18yrs of age and above is eligible for registration.
• Any Goan Seafarer that would like to register must complete one full contract of his/her overseas employment at the time of registration
• Any Goan employed overseas on land jobs, are eligible to register once they complete six months of their ongoing contract of employment overseas.
• Retired Overseas employed Goans’ who have completed 60yrs of age are not eligible for payment registration however, they will be registered under category of non-paying members of the association
• Any Overseas employed Goans’ who have not retired however, no longer employed overseas but employed in India or established own business are eligible for registration as paying members.
• Committee is in discussion to avail certain benefits for retired Retired Overseas employed Goans’ however that will be only decided after 6 months from the date of Association is registered.

Registration Fee
Inclusive of all taxes
  • Its mandatory to pay the registration fee at the time of registration.
  • Once registered with the association if any members are willing to pay additional amount other than registration fee that will be accepted, however no such payment will be accepted if the member is not registered with the association.
Monthly Fee
Inclusive of all taxes
  • Monthly Membership will be effective 7th month from the date of registering with the association.
  • Amount of INR 100 will be charged as monthly fee starting 7th month of registration and this will be in effect for all members.

Note: Monthly fee can be paid monthly, quarterly or bi-yearly