About Us – Awaz Niz Goemkarancho


Association Objectives:

Demonstrate Integrity of pinnacle level amongst the community, serve and accommodate association members with robust confidence and by demonstrating utmost friendly behavior, remain connected with the members from the grass root level and develop trustworthy partnership and subsequently drive the association membership trending upwards. Display comprehensive transparency in the functioning of the association by establishing legitimate governance system pertaining to association/party affairs. Constantly consider innovative measures to introduce additional benefits and schemes for the enhancement of our NRI community.


Association Objectives:

  • Accumulate the entire Overseas employed Goan community under one common organization and build a robust platform for the entire Overseas employed Goan. (Seafarers/Overseas Employed Goan working in various countries/OCI’s).
  • To provided job-related administrative assistance to all registered association members operated from our centralized association office. (Details with regards to the type of assistance provided is clearly defined by the association under the benefits section)
  • Develop a plan and strategy to ensure the benefits promised by the association are being executed appropriately to beneficiaries as per the rules and regulations approved by the Association guideline.
  • Demonstrate courteous relations with the State Government, Ministry of Shipping, Ministry of External Affairs, NRI commission Goa, and under cordial partnership create an opportunity to formulate newer policies and better schemes for the NRI community.
  • Create a solid working relationship with DG shipping and elevate significant Seafarers issues that essentially require attention and derive satisfactory resolution agreeable for both parties.

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  • Create a solid working relationship with NRI commission Goa and elevate significant issues concerning Overseas employed Goans’ that essentially requires attention and derive satisfactory resolution agreeable for both
  • Collaborate with Overseas Goan Association in various countries and educate them with association objectives and benefits and motivate them to come under common
  • Formulate a plan to implement Health Benefits and Pension plan exclusively operated by the association without any funds.
  • Educate association members with various NRI schemes driven by Government and, to yield
  • Organize free medical camps/Seminar for association members in partnership with various voluntary medical
  • Promote and practice environmentally friendly measures amongst the community and raise issues with appropriate evidence of projects that will destroy the state eco-system.
  • Association is and will not engage with any political party or leaders with political background or motive nor, will utilize any political leader or political party connections to gather funds for the association.



Dearest ANG Family,

Indeed, the pleasure has been immense when we initiated the tedious path of forming an unimaginable association, the founders were absolutely focused, committed, and self-driven to adopt and strategize a concept that was never predicted and hence we started the expedition knowing well our final vision

The primary objective of forming the association has been to accumulate all the Goans’ employed overseas community under one common platform and foster a unique and formidable unity that could influence and elevate substantial issues pertaining to the community and, also to endorse innovative schemes and benefits for the progress of the community.

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Based on the vision and objective we brainstormed our ideology and through collective efforts eloquently drafted our association CREDO which is established on nine strategic principles which, are also considered to be our pillars on which we are committed to construct a robust roof for the well-being of our community. Appropriate measures are considered, and the team is swiftly moving forward in building confidence amongst the community and similar progress will continue until our Vision is accomplished.

Our pledge is that we will take stride along with the entire community in demonstrating the highest level of integrity while functioning the affairs of the association. Our confidence level is indeed ultimate and no doubt that we are highly determined to inculcate similar confidence level to each and every joining member in the ANG family by, sincerely ensuring that the committee will practice legitimate and fair system while governing the affairs of the association.

The founders and managing committee are committed to demonstrate utmost level of transparency while engaged in dealing with entire financial transactions pertaining to the association and the same will be placed in members domain in the form of quarterly financial statement released by the association and, we are optimistic that our method of operation will certainly build a level of trustworthiness amongst our ANG family.

ANG members are entitled to benefits which are meticulously crafted to support our community, and as the association progress towards a broader spectrum additional benefits will be implemented. (Terms & condition apply for benefits)

One more important aspect of our association is that we are highly committed not to associate with any political party or leaders with political background or motive nor, will utilize any political leader or political party connections to gather funds for the association.

Our goal is not only to build a community with formidable unity, strength and substantial financial deposit, however, also to support and demonstrate genuine friendliness among the community and stand united pertaining on the issues subject to NRI community and the State of Goa.

We sincerely appreciate support from each member of the ANG family and let us stay united and work together for the enhancement of our own association.

Thanks Kindly

ANG Founder Members